Monday, October 26, 2009

12. Dress Those Legs.

Saylor in!

Ladies, It appears that patterned leggings, tights, and knee highs are here to stay. Then again, have they ever left? Maybe they just have never left my closet. Either way, they are making their debut appearance for what appears to be the hundredth time on legs from the rich and famous to the ever so bland outfits that need a spark of style. Grab a few pairs and tell yourself it's a Halloween gift to yourself this year. And if you've already used that excuse, make up a holiday.


Tie Dye Footless Tights by Free People
If you're not embracing the opaque and sheer look this season, embrace your wild side with a pattern. Legs can be a girl's best asset, so show them off!

Sheer Footless Tights by UO
The sheer tight is breaking free from business suits this season and taking a ride with the younger crowd.


Metallic Acid Wash Slashed Legging by Forever 21
Glam up your leg with metallics, sequences, and all that shines. Just don't go overboard with the rest of your attire when you wear them.

Ladder Legging by Silence and Noise
Cutouts have been found anywhere from dresses and denim to leggings this season in an effort to add a bit of edge to a look. If you'd rather slash away your closet on your own personal time, just take a pair of scissors to a pair of tights or leggings and add on accessories as you please. Bows, buttons, pins. Don't let anything stop you.

Knee Highs:

If you aren't ready to slide on those over the knee boots just yet, try another formula to get a similar look: Knee highs. Attempt to use a high boot with matching coated knee highs underneath to create an over the knee boot look without the clunky feel. Don't get me wrong, over the knee boots are moving up rapidly on "the must have list" (as if they haven't already hit #1), but they aren't right for everyone. Give it a try!
Something else that sits well? Knee highs with skimmers, loafers, and saddles.

Saylor out!