Saturday, November 21, 2009

17. Sweet and Sticky Karma.

Saylor in!

Today I was wearing a Vintage western-printed mini with elastic wasitband, a white cropped v neckline tee, and a mustard yellow chunky knit beanie. Paired with a gold knotted draped necklace. a gold elephant ring, and a pair of vintage leather saddle shoes. (The vintage is debatable considering I've had them since I was 9, haw-haw.)

I know this outfit isn't anything special, but I feel horrible that I haven't posted in a while. And truth be told, I took this picture 2 weeks ago and never posted it. If you ask me what I'm currently wearing...Well, it's 2 pm and I'm in my boyfriend's striped tee and underwear. Fancy, if you ask me.

I got in a hit and run last night. I was driving on the freeway. Was hit. Pulled to the side. And spoke with the girl for about 10 seconds before she got in her car and drove away. Karma for no posts? Who knew Cannibal's Find would be so dangerous.

Saylor out!


  1. AH! i love love love this look. the mustard yellow beanie adds the finishing touch. SOO CUTE!

  2. I love saddle shoes.You need some little white socks to go with them

  3. LOVE! The skirt is gorgeous!