Sunday, November 8, 2009

15. Tip of the Week: Green Finger Horror.

Saylor in!


I know that there is plenty of us jewelry obsessors in the world that thrive off of vintage shopping for rings, high end designer jewelry, or even just dropping in at the latest Forever 21 and handing over a mere $3.50 for a must have addition to an already growing collection. Whether it's a cheap metal, or the fact that you have high acidity in your body, your bound to show up with green fingers in your life time. You know, that green ring around your finger or wrist caused by that piece of jewelry you just had to have? Don't throw it away! It's probably worth it.

Buy a bottle of clear nail polish and paint the inside portion of your piece of jewelry. The layer will block out that nasty green and allow you to rekindle the friendship you may have lost with your oh so precious jewelry when you discovered that green and threw your ring into the pit of your room.

You wouldn't want to lose out on pieces like these, would you?

Faceted Stud Metal Cuff by Forever 21
Large Silver Log Ring by Daphna Simon

Studded Skull Ring by Alexander McQueen
Shiny Sil Me Ring by Alexander McQueen

Saylor out!


  1. hmmm I got this really cute ring, and since it's cheap.... i got the nasty green ring on my finger. i'll have to try this out, cuz i don't want green on my finger anymore!!!

  2. It works love!
    You can always go with dying the whole ring with a chemical, but this is far more easier and convenient. Hope it works for you!