Monday, December 7, 2009

19. Make Me Tall.

It appears that height has a particularly strong hold on us this season. Strong shoulders, platform heels and booties, over the knee boots. And I'm certainly not complaining, especially with a rainy season creeping up on me. Yesterday was the first rainy day I've seen in a while, and ladies, please save yourself with the options below.

No one wants cold feet. So before you catch yourself standing ankle high in a puddle of rain, grab yourself some form of platforms, whether it be heels, boots, booties, wedges, or creepers.


I recommend the Sam Edelman 'Zoe' Black Leather Bootie. The bootie sells for anywhere between $300-400, but try and find them for $310.
Ashish Leopard Print Platform Wedges for Topshop.


Creeping their way in since the release of Alexander Wang's 'Jaime Creeper" mock croc leather ankle boots, Brothel Creepers have merged their way into highly unpredictable places. Once known for the rockabilly meets new wave owners, creepers are now finding homes anywhere from the femininista's closest displayed next to sequence pumps and Christian Louboutin soles to underneath the gothic's bed among old c.d.'s of The Cure and The Dammed. Either way, we have the soldier's of WWII to thank for starting this trend.

I found this site with dozens of styles of Brothel Creepers. They aren't exactly fairly priced, especially with +$20.00 shipping of just one pair, but if you love them, then you love them enough!

Black Suede Round-toe Brothel Creeper
Roughly $100.00
Wulfrun Green Suede Leopard Print Brothel Creeper
Roughly $100.00

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  1. Hey, I was wondering, where did you find those green leopard print creepers?
    I've been looking for them for ages!