Thursday, January 7, 2010

24. Blast From the Past.

Even though I feel as if summer is just around the corner, my feelings are completely and utterable wrong. People tend to stir up mixed emotions half way into winter about the chilly weather and the desire for some sunshine to warm their little bodies, but I don't believe that time has come just yet. I'm still all for layers. Layers of different materials. Layers of different colors. Layers of different textures. And layers of different eras. Surprise, surprise. The 40's era seems to be on the rise, as if we couldn't detect it from miles away. It started with the glitz and the glam of the fringe and sequence, the fur coats, outer lingerie, and the drapery of business wear. No matter what decade spring drags in, I believe I'm going to be holding onto some winter pieces to pair with my summer attire as the seasons change. Hey, if we could pair stockings with ripped denim shorts and lace tanks for winter, I think we can pull off some winter jackets over summer dresses. Or at least until that cool breeze wears off.

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