Friday, February 19, 2010

46. Haitian Love Song.

1. Boyfriend's Black Slouch Beenie
2. Striped Pocket Tee from UO
3. Black Matte Faux Leather Hoodie by AA
4. Pocketed Denim Short from H1981
5. Vintage Red Faux Snake Skin Belt
6. Sheer Black Knee Highs
7. White Leather Loafers

I whined about how hideous my outfit looked, I whined about how tired I was, and I whined about having to go to work. What a baby, right? These photos came out decent enough, and looking back, I didn't despise my outfit, I just so happened to feel gross that day. I feel as if I don't ever dress appropriate to the weather. I'm either in shorts and minis during the winter or soaked in layers for spring. Maybe not all the time, but enough for one to notice.
I posted this look on with the title "Haitian Love Song" and got slammed by one girl. Apparently, she didn't understand how me frolicking in leaves could compare to the devastation in Haiti. Before I could respond, her comment got deleted by lookbook for having been too long, so I thought I'd respond a bit here to clarify.
The song is by a favorite band of mine called Cocorosie. One reason I posted it under that name was because I was into the song at the time, but that wasn't my sole reason. I think individuals need to be reminded of the devastation that has taken place in Haiti, but not with negative feedback. We don't need to mourn. There's been far too much of it. We need to spread the joy we have to a place in dire need of it. We need to share something beautiful, something worthwhile. They've gotten plenty of pity and "get well" comments throw there way, and I can't speak for them, but shouldn't they be allowed to embrace the same happiness we share?
It's a beautiful place, and I don't doubt for a minute that in time, it will become even more beautiful than before.


  1. Love your LB pix cutie ;* So sweet ~Danne~

  2. love your red belt! suchh a cute pop of color :)

    funn blog.