Saturday, February 27, 2010

50. Happy 50th Post To Cannibal's Find!

In celebration of Cannibal's Find's 50th post, I thought I would share 10 questions about little miss me that I've been asked by lookbook users.

1. Why do you go by Saylor?
My full name is Amber Nicole Saylor. I hated my last name growing up because people would call me "Sailor Moon" after the t.v. show, but now, I love it.
2. How old are you?
3. What is PAC?
People message me frequently asking me what PAC is. PAC stands for a retail store called Pacsun based in the states. I began over a year and a half ago as a "style leader" at their corporate offices and have been lucky enough to participate as a model for their photo shoots, walk in their fashion show, appear in their marketing ads, help with details of designs, and have worked in their retail store for over 6 months now. The company has shown great improvement over the last year and is now a huge sponsor to NYLON magazine, even sponsoring the NYLON music tour this last summer.
4. Where are your favorite places to shop?
I don't think I can limit myself to select shops. I feel it's either a hit or miss in many stores today, but I'm the type of girl that will wear almost any piece as long as I'm given freedom to do with it what I please. I love UO, F21, Zara, and thrift. San Diego, Long Beach, and LA are the ultimate thrift adventures.
5. What stores do you recommend?
The Rose bowl Flea Market in LA!
6. What do you like to do in your free time?
I've played guitar, written music, and have sang ever since I was 8. I now dabble in other instruments but music takes up some of my free time. I live in Orange County so it's usually easy to find something to do, whether it's hanging down by the beach, going to Disneyland, shopping in LA, or just having a night out with friends. Blogging takes up tons of my time though!
7. How long has it taken you to grow out your hair? How do you get it so blonde?
I have no idea exactly considering I haven't kept tracked. I decided growing it out a few years back when all the girls were into hair extensions. I wanted to be natural (not implying that girl's with hair extensions aren't natural!) and unique. I love having long hair and don't plan on cutting it anytime soon, but I do need to get an inch or two off because it's getting too long. As far as my hair color, my color is natural. I've always been afraid if I dyed it that I would never get my natural color back. My hair is so dark right now though. I can't wait to get it into the sun to brighten it up.
8. What type of camera do you use?
My boyfriend takes my photos with his camera. It's a few years old and he plans on getting a newer and better one. I don't think the quality is anything special but I'm lucky to just have photos.
9. How did you get the name Cannibal's Find?
I like to relate reality to the obscure. If you read my first post, I compare people who love clothes to cannibal's in the sense that we are constantly on the hunt for anything we can get our hands on. This blog is a place where you can hopefully find new and exciting things. Thus, Cannibal's Find.
10. What's your favorite thing in your closet right now?
I don't think I'll ever have one specific favorite. At the moment? Probably either my Jeffrey Campbell Potion Wedges, my Marc Jacobs Bag, or my Faux Fur Vest.

Feel free to ask questions in my comments or through my lookbook! I'll be sure to post some of your questions with your name and blog on the 100th post.

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