Friday, May 28, 2010

70. The Bigger Issue.

Things such as this make me completely bewildered. Let's begin. I'm a size 00, 0, xs, or small. I take after my dad's side of the family and have always been small for my age bracket. It is not due to an unwillingness to eat. It is not due to a desire to throw up after eating. It is not due to an obsession to replicate the "ideal" woman (so they say) of today. It is solely and truthfully due to a fast metabolism, something I nor can others control. I've been scouting online lately and the same posts keep appearing places. "Why don't you post pictures of REAL woman, size 10." or "Size 0 is not normal. Can you show pictures of women with a fashion sense who are a normal size?" First, may I say that I completely agree with the idea of every size being praised in the music, fashion, and talent industry and receiving the recognition that it deserves...BUT the moment individuals start throwing away terms such as "real woman" or "normal woman" when referring to how individuals should be shown starts to piss me off. When you refer to a woman who is a size 10 as a "real woman", you are starting a wild fire, especially with me. EVERY man or woman should not be categorized to a shape. That does not only refer to bigger women being pressured to become thin. It refers EQUALLY to thinner woman being pressured to gain weight. Stop throwing around phrases such as "real" and "normal". At the end of the day, someone loves you for you, and not your size. I'm tired. No, no. I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted of feeling the pressure from bigger woman to gain weight or become a "normal" size. I'm sorry, but I cannot gain weight. Do they even know how much money I spend on food a day to attempt to add pounds? Do they know how often I force myself to eat when I'm not even hungry, just so I can add calories? It's ridiculous . Take a step back AND then try on someone else's shoes. This goes for thin women who criticize bigger women. Do any of you know what each other feels like? NO. We do not know their story or the reason they are that way. Odds are, it is out of their control. Does it hurt to be called a "whale"? YES. Does it hurt to be called a "stick". YES. So stop. I, myself, feel completely comfortable with my body. Ideally, I would love to gain some weight, but I can't (for now, at least). Therefore, I'm 100% content. The only reason individuals throw around hurtful words such as "You're so skinny" or "You're kinda overweight" is to put someone into a painful situation so they can feel better about themselves. Can I be honest? You end up looking awfully insecure and more attention is placed onto your insecurities. Own some confidence ladies and start to accept people around you the way they are. Everyone is normal to someone, and your opinion on weight shouldn't alter someone else's confidence level. Good to know I've got that off my chest.



  1. Word! I also have a friend with a fast metabolism and it's just stupid to think her size makes her not a 'real woman'. For people it's never perfect. I'm an 36/38 with my fat on the hips and people say I'm too thin and should eat more. But I'm perfectly healthy and they should stop telling others what to do. Ofcourse this whole subject is affecting me less then in your case but I do get the point. People should just accept that there is no such thing as an worldwide accepted perfect body and that you can have the perfect body as long as you are happy with it.

  2. well too bad the majority of the Designers will NEVER cater to most women above a size 4..... it just honestly won't ever be that way. That's not our fault. I'd rather be a skinny bitch. Just like people can't lose weight, we can't gain it. we're just at the advantage...

  3. Ohh I'm so right here with you. I used to get girls at school telling me to eat a cheeseburger and shit like that. Not fair at all.

  4. I completely agree, I used to be 5'9 and 110 pounds, so you can imagine how much of a stick I was. I received so much ridicule for it. But after switching my diet from carbs and sugars to mostly proteins and good fats like nuts, I finally filled out a little. I really think that diet plays a huge part with weight, but genes and age do too.