Tuesday, July 20, 2010

86. Obsessions: Get it Girl.


1. Sheer Everything.
2. 70's Inspired Bellbottoms.
3. Shearling.
I can't shake it. You see, I'm disgustingly indecisive sometimes and lately I've seen the shadow of that very habit hovering over my fashion sense. By converting my wardrobe on a consistent basis, I have found myself in an everlasting battle between eras. Right now, I'm obsessing over all things 70's inspired, but God only knows that I'll probably find myself looking like I stepped straight out of a 90's time warp come tomorrow morning. As seen above, obsessing.


  1. TOTALLY AGREE!!! I want a black leather shearling aviator for winter badly!!! :D
    I have a fabulous picture of you featured on Gypsy*Diaries today! :)Come check it out and have a fantastic weekend!


  2. Hey, it's Natalya from Fashion class tonight! It was so great meeting you! I love your blog, and that second photo is of one of my favorite fashion bloggers! XOXO, Natalya of www.NatalyasCloset.com

  3. omigosh i know exactly what you mean! i have been obsessing over 70's wear lately as well, but i'm constantly wearing different styles because i'm so indecisive! great blog :)

    ps. check out my erin wasson x low luv giveaway!