Tuesday, September 28, 2010

101. Urban 1972.

As I stated on lookbook.nu, Urban 1972 was generous enough to send me a few garments this past week. To my surprise, the quality and price of the clothes are more than reasonable. If you ladies are browsing the internet, type in www.urban1972.com and see some of the goodies you can add to your cart. The first item is the "80's wild child crop top". For only $30, you can't really go wrong now, can you?

1. Wild Child Crop Top, Urban 1972, $30
2. Mesh Maxi Skirt, Urban Outfitters, $40
3. Cream Fringed Rodeo Boots, Urban Outfitters, $80
4. Bowler Hat, H&M, $15
5. Marbled Watch, Michael Kors, $300


  1. ooh i love this outfit! that skirt is awesome, i am so obsessed with anything sheer right now. i am always looking for new online stores to drool over, thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. cool outfit...amazing top ;) xoxo Eli

  3. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3

  4. You really remind my of erin wasson. Which is a good thing...actually really amazing. I love her.

    Classy and Sassy