Sunday, July 24, 2011

134. MEOW!


I picked up this UNIF tee at Wasteland a few weeks back after sweeping through Melrose for a minute. The last few visits to Melrose have challenged my love for the surroundings. I love a city that thrives off of the energy among it's people, but as I looped back and forth through familiar streets and empty intersections, I couldn't help but be hit by a ghostly presence. What is it with me and LA? I guess my curses against the sardine packed city of Los Angeles all those years ago agreed to be in my favor, and now - I suppose that Adam and I will ice the streets with our poorly addicting shopping habits...alone.
Maybe I'm okay with that?

1. Meow Crop Tee, UNIF, Wasteland, $48
2. Floral Tap Short, Kimchi Blue, $60
3. White Braided Belt
4. Sheer Thigh Highs
5. Black Suede Lita, Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck, $160
6. Ring Assortment, Vintage/Thrift/New


  1. Love this outfit. So unordinary.
    xoxo dEBBY

  2. love the short..
    awesomely cool outfit. :D

  3. Hihihi!
    I loved your blog and your pictures! Are amazing!!!!

    I'm following you!

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    Kiss, Susan

  4. i fell in love with your blog, im your new follower from now on ;)