Friday, July 29, 2011

136. Element Eden Premier Party

I was invited to an exclusive event this past weekend that celebrated the birth and story of Element Eden as a brand. As I pulled up to a pair of iron clad gated doors, I could hardly recognize the plant infested venue. Tropical flowers, vines, and various living greens speckled the grounds, and to my surprise - even shaded cages of exotic white tigers and other wildlife. Element handpicked the most amazing venue I've ever seen with perfectly polite waiters providing an overflow of champagne, candlelit walkways, and an entertainment of prized zebras and cackling parrots. Other highlights of the night included a short film on the background of Element Eden by one of their advocates - Amber Diandy, a fashion show from Eden's Spring 2012 Live.Learn.Grow Collection, and an array of tunes from sultry band Stone Darling. Can't wait to see what Element Eden has in store this upcoming year!
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  1. Really cute pictures, I love it !!! And I particulary like shoes ! WOW ! SO COOL ! <3

  2. pics inspire me thanks!

  3. looks like a sick event, and you got succulents as thank you gifts? dude, cherry on the cake!