Sunday, November 6, 2011

159. Desert Fox.


If you follow a winding dirt road shaded underneath endless rows of planted trees in the Mission Viejo hills, you'll experience a dreamy location speckled with a contrasting combination of mansions and cottages. I've since been obsessing over this rocky place because of it's tricks and surprises. Don't be fooled by what seems to be a stretch of miles and miles of repetitive desert ground, because for every ten feet that you step, you'll soon discover a whole mess of killer landmarks and hidden treasures. This will have to be my new favorite place to wander.

Floppy Hat, Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters, $30
2. Denim Babydoll Dress, Sparkle & Fade, Urban Outfitters, $60
3. Floral Shawl, Staring At Stars, Urban Outfitters, $70
4. Red Jemma Boot, Dolce Vita, Nasty Gal, $220
5. Accessories


  1. I love love this look!!! The boots are fab, these shots could so easily be an ad.


  2. You look amaze, I love those Gemma boots! Freaking dreaming about these in black nightly, need them in my life xo you are gorgeous

    April Lyn

  3. What an amazing outfit, totally my style. Love the floral top and the stunning red boots! Bookmarking your blog right now! I haven't explored this part of O.C. yet!

  4. Where is this place exactly? I live in Orange County and I love exploring everywhere especially all of the canyons.