Monday, August 20, 2012

Dust Chaser.

Mirror Image Muscle Tank gifted by Morning Warrior, Nasty Gal // PacSun Fringe Maxi Skirt // Vintage Western Belt // Nude Booties // Rose Gold Jewelry

This is another top gifted by Renee from Morning Warrior. Side boob action, I know, but it's just one of the many good things about her line. Adam and I took his brand new car through the rocky terrain by my house just to get me a good photo. He is the absolute best man around. The lighting was awful, so we just waited until monster trucks raced by with a cloud of dust floating behind them so we could catch some dirt in the photos to create an eerie feel. I don't know why I chase bro trucks or climb mountains in heels. Maybe I want to secretly snap my ankles or look like an orphan with dirt on her face.


  1. Sexy! I never thought I would like those long fringe maxi skirts, but this looks amazing on you! Love the tee as well, killer look!

    xx lauren

  2. All of us at Ettika Jewelry are HUGE fans of Cannibal's Find and we would love to name a bracelet stack after you! Email me at for more info.



  3. I love the skirt. It's such a fun piece.

    Ava Tallulah

  4. nice look! i like it!!!

  5. You're the one of my the best bloggers :) I love Your style :) I'm going to visit Your blog :)

  6. Hello, I just wanted to know what size is that mirror image muscle tee that you're wearing? is it S or M?