Friday, November 2, 2012

Heat Stroke

Silence & Noise Denim Jacket by UO // Insight Watercolor Dress // Wasteland Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell // Adam's Beanie // Metal Cuff

A few weeks ago, I attended the Well Connected Festival in Los Angeles that houses a handful of killer brands that throw a reoccurring sample sale every few months. Yes, I had mentally prepared myself for the line that I would have to wait in, but I didn't exactly prep for the weather. I decided to show up in a heavy knit, plaid pants and a beanie in 105 degree weather. Luckily, my ladypal and a backbone behind one of my favorite brands, Insight, was there to save the day. She passed me this dress from her booth before I passed out from the heat. To sum it up, the print it amazing and just what I needed to escape the overbearing sun. 


  1. That dress is amazing. Love how the colors bleed in to one another, so gorgeous.

    Ava Tallulah

  2. That dress is awesome, the whole look is so stylish!

  3. I love that dress so much! This is such a great outfit.
    xoxo debby

  4. fantastic look!

  5. Looks really good on you! Lucky you could change into a more weather appropiate ánd goodlooking outfit :)

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