Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leopard Luck.

UNIF Leopard Hellbounds c/o Nasty Gal // Sweet Lord O'Mighty! Batgirl Dress // Sweet Lord O'Mighty Burn, Baby Burn Clutch // Zara Leather Jacket // Polka Dot Socks // Adam's Beanie

This week, I collaborated with a new photographer and a dear friend of mine, Chris Velasco. As you may have noticed, my schedule doesn't always work with Adam's photographer (thus the lack of photos), so it's always nice to work with someone new in order to get fresh concepts and a different approach to photography. I'll be shooting with Chris as well as Adam from now on, so if any signed models or female bloggers are on the hunt for a great photog, please shoot me an email, and I'll be happy to connect you with these babes!
Chris' Tumblr
Instagram: @mongooose_swb

On the other end of things, I was sent these killer UNIF Leopard Hellbounds by Nasty Gal last week. These ladies are just about the sweetest ever, and I'm so proud of all they have accomplished in this year alone. I remember showing them around my hometown in Laguna Beach 2 years ago and racking each other's brains on just about everything. As down to earth as they are, it doesn't surprise me that they have the beauty and brains to go along with, not to mention a killer collection on their site. I was also sent this amazing pouch and batgirl dress by Sweet Lord O'Mighty. If you haven't checked out their collection of new and vintage, it's about time. This group has such a unique twist on my personal favorites that you can easily collect a few pieces that are more than eye-catching. Oh, and if you are wondering why I'm randomly devouring a cookie during this shoot, I blame Chris' next door neighbor, Trevor, who kindly brought out a batch of freshly baked cookies mid jump (we spared your the embarrassing underwear photos that the camera captured). And yes, I frequently rock climb and jump in 6" heels.

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  1. These photos are sooo amazing. I love your style so much! Seriously, you always have the best outfits + pictures.

    XO J

  2. I absolutely adore your outfit in these pics. Those hellbounds are so fierce, and I love how you've paired them with such an innocent dress.
    Bemsy x

  3. gorgeous pictures and those hellbounds are crazzy sick!

  4. Love these! Your makeup looks dope

  5. Amazing photos. Love the shoes, wish I had the courage to wear them.

  6. love your fashion and style:)always looking forward to see your blog❤❤ love,mikyulia

  7. awww i love your blog <3

  8. Awesome photos! And the UNIF shoes look great!
    Loved your blog and style! Come by mine soon and let's follow each other!

    Stay in touch xx