Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Port & Friends

Port Crew // Buffalo Plaid Flannel // Jeffrey Campbell Platform // Oversized Beanie

I want to say that I spend the majority of my time in Long Beach. Something about the city differs from Orange County’s pretentious lifestyle and Los Angeles’ hectic schedule, not to mention that a large percentage of my friends are from the city, a few being those from Port. Our friends over at Stone Cold Fox, Broken Homme, Waar and other brands consistently team up with the shop (Port) on new concepts and constantly supply a handful of men’s products that are absolutely perfect for your men or even for you ladies…thus, my men’s crew. I’ve been living in this since I picked it up. Ladies, hit the shop for your men. Below is a list of my favorites that have hit online.


  1. amazing style

  2. So pretty! Like I said before, let's follow each other;)

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