Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Bells.

Photographer: Adam Brierley

As a girl, it's blatantly obvious that many of us get a metal thrill off of new jewels. Today's post is double the trouble as my feature reveals two jewelry designers. The first I spoke to in my last post where Vanessa Mooney delivered a pound or two or three in goods that I couldn't help but adorn myself in. The second is "The Ashley" necklace sent my way from She Blames Me. Both just the sweetest around.

Of course, I had to trespass for this one so my moments shooting were filled with "Please take the shot. I'm nervous". What a wimp. Forget the faded pink shown here -my hair is a deep lilac as of late. You can see it all go down on my Insta @ambersaylor


  1. U re so it.


  2. very boho/gipsy to me. love it!

  3. I love your outfit! :)
    Lovely blog. I follow you through GFC and Bloglovin'!