Monday, March 3, 2014

Stay Electric.

Photos: Adam Brierley

If you add Electric Frenchie to your go-to online shops, our lists very well may match. This floral slice of heaven was sent my way a few weeks back and has since checked all my requirements for a new jumper.

Let's get to real talk. I recently was hit with the dilemma of weeding out negative vibes in my life. Devastatingly enough, it also meant the removal of a best friend who in fact did not have my best interest in mind. I spent the initial first days dwelling on whether or not I was crazy for cutting loose someone I would take a bullet for without hesitation, but then I remembered that I would so rather be surrounded with positive nothings than negative somethings. Not to say I have nothing, but sometimes I have so much that the things that aren't healthy for me get lost between the things that are. Trying to figure it out. SO SAPPY, right?