Thursday, August 6, 2009

05. Bling, Bling...Hello?

Saylor In!
Alright folks, who said bling had to be diamonds? This season's attire calls for things that sparkle, shine, and flat out wow the socks off of whatever crowd you come across. Although bling found on a girl's left hand ring finger will always fit any season's demand (unless of course your fiance bought it off a pawn shawp in East Compton),I'm not quite sure Little Wayne's flashing grills ever made it on my wish list for nighttime glam. Instead, this summer we can find ourselves branching out to sequence frocks, metallic leggings, fabulous collections of vintage jewelry, and more. So hold on to the nearest railing and prepare for a season of outshining!

Jeweled Snake Ring by Elizabeth Cole


Sparking Snake Ring by ABS
Of course Elizabeth Cole's snake ring is to die for, but unless you find it absolutely necessary, splurge on something vital. You aren't settling for far less with the sparkling ring by ABS, and you never know when this season's desire for snakes can dissolve and next season's possible craving for the naked mole rat is all the rage, leaving you $325 in debt.

Fred Glitter Lace-Up Shoes by Christian Louboutin


Glitter Shoe by Toms
It's hard to compare any simple shoe to Louboutin's Fred glitter lace-up shoe, but for $54, Toms glitter shoe did a pretty good job. Don't we all wish we could have grabbed Dorothy's red glitter shoes for $9.99 while they were being sold at Payless in the 90's? We could have resold them for $595..

Kaza Lurex Blazer by Maje
Unfortunately, I have yet to find a Metallic Blazer for anything less than a few hundred dollars. Don't worry, I'll sound the sirens on Cannibal's Find when I hear word of it. And if you have an extra $525 laying around, this is worth it.

Sparkle Jersey Legging by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania


Shiny Legging by American Apparel
Unless you are walking the red carpet, I don't entirely encourage leggings for $460, especially when American Apparel's launch of shiny leggings does the trick. Let me add, that these do wonders to an outfit. Possibly, the perfect bling accessory for the money.

This season, pick a piece(or set) that excites the neighborhood, and show it off around town. It's a time to get in touch with your inner diva, your wild 80's get up, and your uncontainable wild side. Bling on ladies!
Saylor out!

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