Thursday, August 20, 2009

06. Get suited up, prison style.

Saylor in!
Attention, attention. I completely intend to be the bearer of good news when I say that this may be the only season that being a jailbird is hot, hot, hot. Chains are surfacing everywhere, making catwalks look like they are serving time for their involvement in several horrific crimes. For once, I'm all in to hang out with culprits of these deeds and victims to this invigorating trend.

Chain Wrap Watch by La Mer
Absolutely to die for. Not to mention, completely worth the money.
Chain Gang Bracelet by OAK


Grunge Chain Toggle Bracelet by Forever 21
Chain bracelets are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to jump in to the chain effect. I don't mean to rain on OAK's parade, but for $8 Forever has mastered the look without burning a hole through our pockets.
Black and Gold Chain Belt by Alexander McQueen
Tiger Belt by Deena & Ozzy
Alexander McQueen really is the queen of chains this season. The entire collection is splashed and splattered with chains. If you can't hand over the cash for any pieces in his fabulous collection, just walk in to any UO and prepare to be hypnotized by anything pertaining to Deena & Ozzy. Every accessory is detailed with current trends such as zippers and chains. Just think of it as a rising collection called "McQueen on Recession."
Faithful Bucket by Alexander McQueen

Brenda Chain Bag by Alexander Wang
Bucket Bag by Deena & Ozzy
I'd rather not discuss Wang's Brenda bag seeing as the price makes me cringe and the bag makes me want to pity myself for not owning it. BUT bucket bags are a rising trend in purses. Although there are no chains on Deena & Ozzy's bucket, it's a perfect alternative to McQueen's dazzling Faithful Bucket.
Sleveless Chain Topper by Marc Jacobs
Jacobs, you nailed it.

Legroom Black Leather Heels by Stuart Weitzman
Outlaw Boot Straps
I think Weitzman was generous in pricing his pair of leather heels, but if you still can't hand over the cash, these boot straps do the deed. Personalize boots in your closet, or fool people into thinking you own 2 pairs.
Chain up my loves!
Saylor out!

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