Monday, January 11, 2010

26. Designer of the Week: Jenni Kayne


FALL 09'

One thing I really enjoy about Jenni Kayne is the fact that these are actual pieces you could wear out of the house in the most casual settings. It's a breath of fresh air to have some casual business attire as seen in Kayne's Fall 09' collection. Resort 2010 displays a casual cool feel good look with a few pieces that are bound to blow up this season, if they haven't already. AKA: The Trench, Sheer Attire, and the Boyfriend Dress Short. Kayne displayed her first collection at LA fashion week at only 19 years old and has since developed a strong name for herself in a tough industry. I give the girl props for creating a mix of neon yellow meets lime green pencil skirt and incorporating it into a mellow collection like it's nobody's business. Good for her.

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