Wednesday, January 13, 2010

27. Got Culture In The Soles Of My Shoes.

Now, now. What does MK and clogs have in common? Well, I didn't put a picture up for nothing. We have seen the past few seasons roll out some killer trends, everything from over the knee boots to platform pumps. So now it's time for a transition shoe, and although I'm sure to hear moans and groans over the return of the clog, I am prepared to try it all. When the name "clog" first comes up in a conversation, our minds usually pull us to a place in downtown Switzerland where blonde headed girls with braids and spotless white aprons run free in the meadows. If your thinking of something slightly different, then I'm sure you picture clogs on Hansel and Gretle walking down a path that leads to a candy covered cottage of doom. Picture no more! Chanel has led the way in their Resort 2010 collection of accessorized clogs. With the combination of MK and Chanel, these are bound to end up as a hot seller this upcoming season. By the time these shoes invade the stores I'm searching for them in now, I'm sure to be over it. I guess this means I have to go on a mad hunt to grab a pair before everyone else does. For anyone who is interested, Michael Kors is currently selling a few pairs, but you may want to expand your field of view to find a pair that best suits you. These babies can be a little tricky.

Pictures from Chanel's Resort 2010 collection.

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  1. I love these clogs!
    Specailly when alexa chung wore