Friday, January 15, 2010


Incase you're not familiar with, it's a website full of designers, stylists, models, photographers, and more fashion seeking young folk who find inspiration in the realm of fashion. The point of it all is to take a photo (s) of a selected outfit, label it, and strut your stuff off to a few thousand individuals who are able to hype your outfit and get you the spotlight you deserve. I still feel as if I'm in this eternal battle with though. I often find myself starting at a photo with +100(s) hype next to an individual with barely any hype who has a far more inspirational look than it's opponent. But I guess each individual is entitled to their own opinion. So for now, I'd say take a look around the site. It's definitely grown in numbers over the past year, and I'm still shocked that many haven't heard about it yet. So hear I am, spreading the work.


I decided to take it a little more seriously starting February, so I'll be posting looks there more often. Don't ask me why. I'm very weird about starting things on specific dates...Check me into rehab now.
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