Friday, February 5, 2010

39. Stompin' On Mountain Tops.


1. Hand Made Head Wrap
2. Gold Bangles from F21
3. Vintage Shades
4. Kimchi Blue Black Open Lace Vest
5. Ecote Tribal Mini Dress from UO
6. Red Leg Warmers
7. Brown Suede Ankle Booties from CJ

Instead of sit down dining at one of my favorite mexican restaurants, I decided to take my food to go in order to take a small hike before work. The sun was almost setting, so the colors of these photos are all over the place, but at least a new spot was discovered. Don't get me wrong, it was a little chilly, but it's interesting to see these and know that I'm in the dead of winter in California and yet I manage to walk out of the house in a mini dress, not to mention the fact that my boyfriend later expressed how see through my dress was.


  1. you look great in these photos!ù
    love the outfit!
    your blog too! ;))

  2. Hey love your blog!
    Please come check out mine, maybe swop links?
    How did you do the 7th photo with a spin like you did? My friend has been trying to do it for a while and i'd love to know, thanks :)

  3. saylor please tell me your a model right? xx

  4. love your blog ♥ ♥ ♥
    you have beautiful outfits :D

  5. Just discovered your blog, love it!

  6. Love the pictures! Those sunglasses are to die for :)

  7. great outfit, love the accessories, you look great

    can we link exchange?


  8. lovely hippie look!!, and lovely make up!!!

  9. Iva, Chloe, and Pineapple, thank you so much for the compliments! :)

    Kendra and Fashion by He, I have no idea what exchanging or swapping links is! Haha, I'm sorry! Let me know what it is. :)

    Kendra, thank you for the compliments as well! Usually that effect is done by accident. All you have to do is move the camera in one direction fast while taking a photo. :)

    Harley Wolf, I'm not a model saddly. I'm much too short. I'm only just under 5'4". I work at Pacsun and do some of their advertising though, so I am in a few of their fashion shows, their ads, and their marketing and signs for their stores and fragrances. It's nice of you to think that I am though :) <3

  10. Thanks Cynthia and Emilie!

    Tiny Quirks and Deepali, thanks so much! I got them at a thrift store down in SD. I'm looking for the perfect pair though that fit my face right, more Bob Dylan like.

  11. I adore this look. Boho and whimsical :)

    Digging your blog!

    PS. Much admiration all the way from India! :)

  12. Why thank you Republic of Chic!
    I'm honored for your admiration.

  13. I love this look, so phresh and makes me think of summer in the midst of this cold snowhurricane of a winter...

  14. This one I like the most :-) Your style is great and you´re beautiful!