Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tough Beats.

Vintage Camo Jacket // Topshop Crop Top // Topshop High Slit Maxi // Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Sandal // Urban Oufitter's Hexagon Necklace

I'm still determined to find a new apartment and time is not being kind to me. With two weeks before I book it to Paris, I'm left with only two short weekends to scatter the city in search of my perfect place. I may be forced to settle for a few imperfections in a home. In other news, I'm hitting the salon in hopes of reaching my long awaited hair destination point. If all goes well, my blonde will be much lighter. Not incredibly white, but more white than yellow. I think it may be time to snip a few inches as well. I've had a craving for short locks lately, and I just may satisfy it. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves! Feel free to follow my adventures on my instagram: @ambersaylor
Ciao! xo


  1. I love the skirt with the cropped tee and necklace. Your shoes too. The whole outfit, in fact. Amazing .. x

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  2. Everything about this is perfect! Good luck on your apartment search


  3. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. love this look and how you mixed tough and elegant elements. the pictures from the side are real stunners! can't get enough of the bold jewelry you paired with this outfit too.


  5. Far out girl, this look is stellar! What an amazing skirt.

  6. Great Blog!

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  7. i love your blog
    following xoxo
    perfect style xoox

  8. That skirt is ever so lovely! Adorbs!

  9. Bitchin, I love the skirt.

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  10. Great look!
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  11. That skirt is perfect! You look gorgeous. Lovely photos!

  12. Hot like fire! Good luck on your hair journey. Saw on instagram that you're already in Paris so hopefully you found the perfect place before you left.