Friday, December 27, 2013

Bonsoir Mon Amour

Morning Warrior's Bonsoir Cropped Top (available at PacSun) // American Apparel's Zipper Short // Port LBC Beanie // Jeffrey Campbell's Roscoe Boot

Photographer: Neil Favila

Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope you all didn't kick and scream too much over pointless gifts, but you still got something that put you in a good mood over the holidays. I was able to hold my 1 week old niece, Rowyn, for the first time which was enough. I'm featuring another Morning Warrior tee from my ladies Renee and Julia and shot with Neil Favila in the dirty LBC. I walk these streets to the bars or friends' houses at night, and I think it's time I just taxi from point A to point B. Not worth the surprise attack, especially from the man who followed me all the way to my doorstep a few months back. Are you all brewing New Year's Eve plans yet? If so, how do you feel about helping me out with mine? Kisses!


  1. bon soir dear. really like the atmosphere and the outfit. Funny t-shirt


  2. Awesome look! I loved the pics :D
    you're the best

  3. Happy New Year! Sending positive vibes your way. Loving the pictures.
    And how frightening...definitely splurge on your safety!
    xoxo Debby

  4. I really love the sexiness and edginess that you bring out. Each piece of wardrobe is simply but they all complement each other perfectly! You look stunning!

    Blu Boutique

  5. Love these pic. You look amazing!

  6. Estoy enamorada de tu blog y de tu estilo. Eres toda una referencia de la moda. Me encantas y me quedo como seguidora. Si quieres nos podemos seguir mutuamente, me haria mucha ilusion. Un beso

  7. Love your style.
    Can't wait for your new post.

  8. Not one soul will perish
    who puts their trust in Me.